Data Protection, Privacy and EU-GDPR

Datenschutzgrundverordnung - DSGVO / General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR: Synopse: Deutsch-Englisch / Synopsis: German-English (Tools For Law And Technics, Band 1), Amazon KDP 2018: kindle-eBook und printed Edition.


The EU General Data Regulation is a milestone for data protection in the European Union – whether laudable or not, will still arise.

Why a bilingual edition? The practice of German lawyers and subjects to the Regulation needs not only the German language but also – often more important – the English language is needed. Therefore, it seems useful, to bring the Regulation to mind in both languages. For that purpose, I chose a synopti­cal presentation.

The text I downloaded from the website EUR-Lex of the EU and used it as basis for my work. The content – also of the recitals - are made accessible by a summary and a detailed table of contents. Furthermore, I added headlines to the Recitals (in squared brackets), to facilitate the access to the contents of the 173 grounds, which are quite confusing.

I’m hopeful to provide a tool to master the practical requirements by using the original regulation texts in a reliable and conscious manner.

So, it will be possible to evaluate the numerous warnings, recommendations, terrible news, and hymns of hope in an independent way.